Goldman Sachs offers would-be parents on staff $20,000 to buy eggs

December 02, 2019

Investment bank Goldman Sachs is offering prospective parents in its workforce up to $20,000 to cover the costs of extracting eggs or purchasing donated eggs, as part of its latest efforts to boost equality and close the gender pay. It is the first time that Goldman Sachs has provided funds for both processes, which can help increase the chances of parenthood for same-sex couples, women who want to delay having children, or others who struggle to conceive.

The benefits, which were introduced in November, come nearly a year after Goldman Sachs added sex-reassignment surgery and IVF fertility treatments to its employee benefit plan. Senior staff stated the new benefits were “designed to enable everyone in our workforce to better manage the commitment to their careers while starting, growing and supporting a family”.

In its efforts to close the gender pay gap and improve equality, Goldman Sachs is going beyond traditional measures to offer support for its employees on deeply personal matters. In doing so, the company is showing a real commitment to being on the frontline of tackling the systemic factors that contribute to the gender pay gap. The initiative could pave the way for companies to provide greater support for their employees on sensitive topics.