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June 03, 2021


EU agrees to force multinational companies to disclose tax

The EU has agreed it will force large multinational companies to publish a country-by-country tax breakdown including the bloc’s member states and tax havens, piling pressure on the UK government to follow suit. The deal struck between EU governments and MEPs will force companies with global revenues of at least £645 million over two consecutive years to publicly disclose how much tax they pay in each of the EU member states and in 19 jurisdictions put on black and grey lists that are regarded as being “non-cooperative”, like Seychelles. The policy could expose how some of the world’s biggest companies – such as Apple, Facebook and Google – avoid paying an estimated £358 billion a year in taxes through shifting their profits. (The Guardian)


Heathrow decarbonising flights with sustainable aviation fuels

Heathrow Airport has blended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into its fuel distribution pipeline network for the first time. The airport has integrated enough SAF alongside conventional fossil jet fuel to power 5 to 10 short haul flights into its main fuel supply, as part of a proof-of-concept exercise carried out alongside fuel handler Vitol Aviation and biofuels producer Neste. The airport’s SAF is made from 100% waste and residue raw materials, such as vegetable oils, cooking oil and fish fat waste, and can generate up to 80% fewer carbon emissions during flight if used as a complete replacement for conventional fossil jet fuel. Heathrow is calling on the government to set escalating SAF blend mandates for airlines that require a minimum 10% biofuel content in 2030 to 50% in 2050.  (Business Green)


Starbucks to launch reusable cup sharing scheme in Europe

Coffee chain Starbucks has announced plans to launch a reusable cup 'sharing' initiative in all British, French and German stores in the coming months, ahead of a roll-out across Europe, the Middle East and Africa by 2025. Under the ‘Cup-Share’ scheme, customers will pay a small deposit fee for a reusable cup that is suitable for hot and cold drinks. Customers will receive £0.25-£0.30 off  each beverage every time the cup is reused – the current incentive already on offer. Starbucks claims that the cup model it uses contains up to 70% less plastic than others on EMEA markets. The firm also claims that the cups do not need any sleeves, which further reduces resource use, and that they are designed to be reused at least 30 times before their end-of-life. (Edie)


China makes desalination investment to ease water scarcity

China will invest in new desalination plants over the 2021-2025 period and raise capacity to 2.9 million tonnes a day in a bid to boost water supplies, in a new “five-year plan” for the sector. As much as 1.25 million tonnes per day of new capacity will be commissioned over the period, including 1.05 million tonnes in coastal cities and 200,000 tonnes in "island regions." Desalinated water will become a major back-up source of municipal supplies in regions suffering from shortages. China's water per capita is about 2,000 cubic metres, less than a quarter of the global average and among the lowest in the world. Shortages are particularly acute in the north, where excessive rates of extraction and overmining has put underground water tables at risk. (Reuters)


KFC to train all 28,000 UK staff to tackle litter in community

Fast-food chain KFC has launched a strategy to combat an increase in littering noted by UK local authorities over pandemic lockdowns. It has launched a dedicated ‘litter line’, which customers can call to report litter issues, enabling faster remediation locally. Staff manning the line will also be able to offer customers more information on KFC’s commitments and actions to reduce litter and waste. KFC is introducing compulsory training for all UK store staff, designed to increase their knowledge on the environmental impact of litter and their knowledge of best-practice ways for mitigating litter. The company’s litter scheme is being delivered in partnership with environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. The firm has also forged new partnerships with five councils in England to co-develop pilot programmes for tackling litter through behaviour change.  (Edie)


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