Supply Chain News CCB 101

September 30, 2008

A round up of the Supply Chain news stories from August and September 2008.

Unilever update on palm oil commitment
Unilever published an update on its commitment to certified sustainable palm oil on August 22. The company, together with Greenpeace, has developed an action plan to support a moratorium on deforestation for palm oil production in South East Asia. It has also assembled a global coalition of over 30 companies, banks and NGOs in order to lobby for sustainable palm oil. Unilever also pledged to develop a system for supply chain traceability and monitoring that excludes palm oil sourced from companies involved in deforestation.

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Co-op funds sustainable UK fisheries
The Co-operative Group has announced that it will donate £200,000 to support UK fisheries looking to achieve Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. The MSC’s environmental standard ensures that products featuring the MSC logo are guaranteed to have come from certified sustainable fisheries, providing assurance to consumers about the source of the fish they buy. The funding for UK fisheries, announced on August 25, is a part of The Co-op’s launch of a new Responsible Fish Sourcing Policy. The policy takes into account environmental and ecological issues such as over-fishing, fishing methods that destroy the seabed, and the effects of fishing on other fish species, marine animals and birds.

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