Campaign Round-Up (Issue 94)

July 30, 2007

Campaign Round-Up (Issue 94)

July 30 2007

by Briefing staff

Saving the rainforest, switching to energy efficient light bulbs and walking for a very long time – it’s all about the environment in this edition’s campaigns round-up.

Cool Earth

Deforestation accounts for a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions. This campaign aims to secure land that would otherwise be sold to loggers, and “price deforestation out of the market”. Cool Earth will use donations to buy up areas of rainforest, which they then entrust to local communities whom the charity employ and aid with health and education programmes. Patrons can choose which area of rainforest they protect and view the progress of the project from Google Earth.

Switch to energy efficient light bulbs

Greenpeace is asking supporters to swap to energy efficient light bulbs, otherwise known as compact fluorescent lamps. Although the technology has been available for 30 years and each CFL uses five times less energy than a regular light bulb, change has been slow. Greenpeace are asking supporters to ring their local Woolworths store to convince everyone to rid the country
of “power crazy light bulbs”.

Cut the Carbon

Christian Aid is encouraging people to join the longest ever protest march in UK history. Lasting 80 days and covering over 1,000 miles, the march started in Northern Ireland on July 14, and will end on October 2 at the London Stock Exchange. It aims to raise awareness about climate change. Several events have been planned along the way to inspire business and politicians to take action.