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September 27, 2012


UK organisations to lead the way in viable fuel cell technology

Fuel cell cars could become competitive with internal combustion engine cars by 2050, according to the latest report from Carbon Trust. The report claims that with technology innovation, polymer fuel cell cars could form a third of all vehicles on the road within the next 40 years, increasing the value for the technology market by $30 billion to $261 billion a year and reducing global carbon emissions from vehicles by an estimated 260 million tonnes a year by 2050. Carbon Trust claims that UK organisations are at the forefront of achieving breakthroughs in addressing the cost of polymer fuel cells – the main barrier to their wide scale deployment. (Edie, Business Green)

Tesla unveils network of solar-powered electric car chargers

Manufacturer Tesla is to build a network of solar-powered superfast chargers along US highways that should allow owners of its electric Model S sedan to travel for free. The company yesterday unveiled the first six chargers in California and said by next year it plans to install the devices across the continental US. "By making electric long distance travel at no cost, an impossibility for gasoline cars, Tesla is demonstrating just how fundamentally better electric transport can be," chief executive Elon Musk said in a statement. (Business Green)

Social Investment

Most demand for social investment 'comes from service providers to public sector'

New research by the Boston Consulting Group shows about 60% of the demand for social investment comes from organisations that provide services to the public sector rather than the private or a mixture of sectors. Matt Robinson, director of strategy at independent group Big Society Capital said that the research, which estimated that the social investment market could be worth £1 billion by 2016, contained a detailed breakdown of the sectors that organisations seeking social investment worked in. Robinson said the state was "the sector most willing to pay for social value", but he said he also expected to see a growth in the use of social investment in other sectors. (Third Sector)