Daily Media Briefing 13th July 2012

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July 13, 2012

Climate Change

UK leads the world in energy efficiency

The UK leads the world’s 12 largest economies on energy efficiency, according to a report by the non-profit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The 2012 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard ranks each country's efforts to reduce energy use in industry, transport and buildings, the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in developed economies, as well as overall policies. Germany and Italy came second and third respectively, while the USA came ninth, with the report highlighting its heavy investment in roads over public transport as a significant factor. China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, tied in sixth place with the EU and Australia. (The Guardian)

Bosch and Siemens channel energies into low carbon engagement

Bosch and Siemens are to spearhead a steering group to explore how super-efficient appliances such as fridges and cookers can help the UK move towards a low carbon economy. The leadership forum, which will also involve retailers, policy makers and consumer groups, is being facilitated by climate change charity Global Action Plan (GAP). GAP says that product labelling standards have been slow to keep up with technology, meaning that consumers are poorly informed and distrustful when it comes to choosing energy-efficient appliances. “A-rated machines tend to be 70% less efficient than A+++ machines – but nobody knows that,” said GAP CEO Trewin Restorick. (Edie)


Coke, M&S, Timberland win Ethical Corporation awards

Timberland, Marks & Spencer, software company Credit 360 and Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO John Brock are among the winners of Ethical Corporation’s 2012 Responsible Business Forum awards, which honour companies’ and individuals’ contributions to sustainable business practices. Timberland won best sustainability report for its online sustainability portal, which judges praised for its transparency, interactivity and quarterly updates. Life Technologies’ newly appointed — and first ever — chief sustainability officer, Cristina Amorim, was named sustainability executive of the year. Since 2004, she has spearheaded green chemistry principles and other environmental initiatives to achieve large reductions in carbon emissions, water use and waste. (Environmental Leader)

Supply Chain

Unilever receives world’s first sustainable rapeseed oil

Unilever has received its first consignment of sustainably verified rapeseed oil, for use in its margarines and mayonnaise. The food manufacturer worked with supplier Cargill to verify the German oilseed rape production against Unilever’s Sustainable Agricultural Code, which benchmarks sustainable practices that suppliers and farmers are expected to meet. The delivery comprises 5% of Unilever’s rapeseed oil needs, and is a step towards the company’s commitment to sourcing all agricultural raw materials from sustainable sources by 2020. In 2011, Unilever increased the volume of sustainable sourced agricultural raw materials to 24%, from 10% in 2010. (Supply Management)