Daily Media Briefing 12th June 2012

Daily Media Briefing


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June 12, 2012


World leaders must react faster to climate change, says task force

The Climate Change Task Force (CCTF) has warned that world leaders must do more to react to climate change, and calls for the Rio+20 conference to take the warning seriously. The task force which consists of scientists, economists and former heads of state has launched an appeal calling for the United Nations sustainable development conference in Brazil to "prioritise action against the drivers of global warming".


Policy & Research

Emissions trading scheme could be oversupplied until 2024

The oversupply of credits in the EU's emissions trading scheme looks likely to continue until 2024 according to a report prepared by the Oko-Institut, a leading European research and consultancy institute working for a sustainable future, for campaign groups WWF and Greenpeace. A surplus of approximately 1.42 billion emissions allowances is predicted by 2020 due to the economic slowdown and the importation of credits from other carbon trading systems, such as the UN's Clean Development Mechanism.

Business Green

$257 billion invested in renewable energy in 2011

Global investment in renewable energy reached a record of $257 billion last year, with solar attracting more than half the total spending, according to a UN report. Overall investment in renewable energy grew 17%, a slowdown from the 37% increase seen in 2010. Renewable energy covered just 16.7% of global energy consumption in 2010. Of this share, modern technologies such as solar and wind accounted for just 8.2%. By comparison, more than 80% of electricity consumed worldwide still comes from fossil fuels.

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Community Investment

The Coca-Cola Foundation awards $26 million to 85 global organisations during first quarter 2012

The Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded $26 million in grants to 85 community organisations situated throughout the world during the first quarter. The grants support the Foundation's global priority areas, including: $9.7 million for water stewardship; $3.6 million for fitness and nutrition; $7.4 million for education; and $4.9 million for community recycling, and other local priorities, such as youth development and civic initiatives.

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