Daily Media Briefing 30th May 2012

Daily Media Briefing


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May 30, 2012


EU greenhouse gas emissions rise as market leaders call for action

Greenhouse gas emissions for the EU increased by 2.4% in 2010, despite the economic recession and policies intended to tackle climate change. The European Environment Agency, which compiled the statistics, said that the rise was owing to signs of economic recovery in some areas, and a colder winter, but added that emissions might have been higher still if it were not for a strong increase in the production of energy from renewable sources. Meanwhile, energy companies and traders have called on the EU to take "decisive action" on its emissions trading scheme (ETS) to support the plunging carbon price, in a new report compiled from interviews with 27 leading members of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA).

The Guardian

Business Green

Companies explore sustainable shipping technologies

Sixteen global firms and two non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) have announced an 18-month action plan to advance sustainability in the shipping industry. Food producer Cargill's shipping arm is one of the first to test the feasibility of a $1 million kite to help transport its goods globally, but the company said financing development of technologies for sustainable shipping is fraught with challenges. Cargill is partnering with other leaders in finance, insurance and shipping to develop new approaches for financing sustainable ships. Cargo shipping giant Maersk Line is also looking into sustainable shipping, with the launch of twenty new ships by 2015 which will be the most efficient in the world.

CSR Asia

Policy & Research

Survey finds unethical business practices on the rise

Business executives are increasingly willing to make cash payments to win business internationally, according to a new survey released Wednesday. Of the more than 1,700 executives polled by Ernst & Young for its annual fraud survey, 15% said they were prepared to make cash payments to win business, up from 9% in the previous survey. The report argues that the results indicate a "certain degree of institutional fatigue about anti-corruption compliance initiatives", which it is "critical" for executives to overcome.

The Wall Street Journal

Social Investments

Olympic sponsors hope to create a legacy of jobs and skills

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are providing physical legacy and urban regeneration on a grand scale. Some of the high-profile sponsors are also working with local communities around the Olympic park to create a long-term social legacy, many of them through new initiatives such as Business in the Community's 'arc' project. BP has been operating 'Pilotlight', a mentoring programme for community organisations and charities, in the area since 2003, and has now been joined by Adidas, BT, Deloitte and Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance. "The Olympic boroughs add another layer to the post-games business story," says Heather Hancock, lead 2012 partner at Deloitte. "What will make it a success, in a generation's time, will be the local population's skills and ability to start up businesses."

Financial Times* Responsible Business Supplement p4

Supply Chain

Volex counts the cost as customer Apple goes green

Volex, which makes power cables for Apple's electronics products, has paid the price for a green push by the consumer electronics giant. Apple's drive to green its operations, including plans announced earlier this month to develop renewable energy for its US data centres, also extends to its sourcing policies. Apple's intention to move its products towards halogen-free power cables, which when disposed of are less harmful to the environment, cost Volex $5 million in start-up costs this year.

The Independent p54