ICT News Round-up (Issue 96)



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ICT News Round-up (Issue 96)

November 22, 2007

ICT News Round-up (Issue 96)

November 22 2007

by Briefing staff

The ICT industry is expanding the reach of its responsible actions by building windfarms, monitoring health and helping people to connect to each other.

BT builds wind farms

BT intends to build 120 wind turbines in the UK on – or adjacent to – land that the telecoms provider already owns.

The energy company claims that this will be the biggest wind power project in Britain initiated by a business that does not operate in the energy sector. The project is estimated to cost £250m and aims to generate a quarter of BT’s power needs by 2016.

Combined with other carbon reduction efforts, this should ensure that BT reaches its target of reducing its overall carbon emissions by 80% by 2016.

Contact BT 020 7356 5000 www.btplc.com

Small businesses network

The Bank of America has launched an online network for small businesses to get in touch and learn from each other.

Announced on October 10, the Small Business Online Community is free for all small business owners to use regardless of their banking affiliations and status as a Bank of America customer. The site will be user-driven and the bank hopes it will enable small businesses to better “succeed at what they do”.

Contact Bank of America www.bankofamerica.com; www.smallbusinessonlinecommunity.bankofamerica.com

Monitoring health

The Vodafone Foundation and the UN Foundation together announced on October 10 that two year-long pilot programmes to improve healthcare delivery in Kenya and Zambia have been successful. The programmes involved using handheld devices with special software in order to better facilitate the supervision of health clinics and monitoring of health-related data. Following from the successful completion of these trials, the Vodafone Foundation and the UN is expected to continue their work and expand the program.

Contact Vodafone Group Foundation www.vodafonefoundation.org; UN Foundation 001 202 887 9040 www.unfoundation.org